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Tenerife cosy and sunny Island




Tenerife is a very comfortable city to live in, it is not too big and therefore, the distances are short. It is easy to live on one end of the island and work on the opposite. The Island has been growing significantly for the last years, and has great properties for sale. Tenerife although small in size, the city attracts many tourists, interested to have a place in the sun, not only for holidays. Currently there are many options available in the market, as the representative of says. For sure you will find great properties in Tenerife for sale, and something designed just for you, in the size and format of your dream.
For Joanna- “Living in Tenerife is a dream come true! There is no stress, no traffic jam, everything close, we can do all activities for day, and is a lots time left to enjoy the great weather.”


Among its most important tourist attractions is El Teide National Park, an unrivalled volcanic reserve, where the third largest volcano in the world is also found. Among the charms of this island, stands out the Puerto de la Cruz, a small coastal town located to the north of Tenerife, which boasts a beautiful historic centre. The Costa Adeje is one of the most acclaimed areas with also great properties for sale. Tenerife around the area of Costa d’ Adeje, has around eight beaches and coves, and a myriad of hotels, apartments and commercial areas that have placed it in a privileged place in island tourism.


Great properties for sale. in Tenerifa.177988(36)

Great properties for sale.

In the Canary Islands we can enjoy average annual temperatures are no less than 22 ° C. It is a perfect climate, as it is not too cold in winter nor much mugginess in summer. The heavens are always clear, and the days are very rare when it rains. The climate is ideal to be able to go outside and enjoy outdoor activities.
For all these factors is easy to understand those lucky ones, who are looking for properties in Tenerife for sale, and  buying  houses in the paradise.